Monthly Archive August 2018

ByEnrique Gaines

Different Ideas for Interior Improvement

How can we improve our interiors without resorting to help from expensive designers? Some people have an innate designing trait. They can design spaces to look like some page out of a design magazine. But most of us do not have this talent.

Let’s take a look at some secret tips that can make our homes look like designer ready:

  • Establishing a basic color scheme: we need to first shortlist a basic color palette that will run through the entire house.
  • Fake height: mirrors placed strategically, keeping the height of the furniture low. This helps in creating a false sense of height in the rooms giving a sense of an open space.
  • Do not clutter: clutter can make any room look small and stuffy. Stock your stuff in a way that shows it off to its full potential adding to the charm of the room.
  • Extending the backsplash: extension of the backsplash tiles in the bathroom and kitchen gives a very different look to the area. Also it is easier to clean and maintain.
  • Texture: adding natural textures that differ from each other in a single room can bring about a lot of contrasting ideas. Different textures bring about different aspects of lighting and personality to the area.
  • Textiles: playing with different fabrics and textiles brings a tactile contrast in the area.
  • Displaying pieces: full display of unique, quirky pieces in areas that get maximum attention. This is a fantastic way to bring attention to these investment pieces.
  • Swapping chairs and benches: benches in the dining room are not the conventional furniture pieces used generally but it can be a good change from the typical placement of dining room furniture.
  • Mirrors and frames: panels with mirrors, multi colored frames can change the look of a room drastically making it look larger and if placed strategically, mysterious.

Renovations in your home can be done very easily using the furniture you already have. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in changing the look of your home.