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About Us

About Us


The founder Mr Chen established the company JJ Retails Pty Ltd trading as De Louvre. During the startup of the business , we had a dream… a dream to create a brand. We felt that we were stepping into an adventure… an adventure of a shoe business. Like many other great businesses and brands, successful enterprise (doesn’t matter how small they initially are)  always starts with a dream. 


With our dreams and passions, we decided to take on this shoe business adventure. Since then, we always tried our best effort to supply the best shoes with great designs. The best part is that when people see our brand, they would say “wow”, “I love this brand”, “these shoes are gorgeous”… It is the best reward for us. I know that it is not easy, however, we will get there eventually.


We understand that we need profitability to sustain our business operation; however, money is never our priority. Money is just a by-product from passion of work, careful business planning, execution of business strategies, hard-working… etc. Our focus should be on serving customers’ needs, understanding people’s needs, design shoe with great styles, improving quality, helping and support our customers. Profitability would only be a by-product from these hard working efforts. It implies that we need to spend resources to design better style of shoes, improve product quality, better our customer services…etc …   instead of purely saving money and making more money. 



The most satisfying and joyful thing would be hearing customers’ response (whether it is via email or phone) and knowing how much they love our shoes. For the last one year, we frequently receive emails from individual customers informing us “they love our shoes”, “why there is no shoe store round them to sell our shoes”, “our shoes are so gorgeous”…


Their encouragements really keep us going. This sort of satisfaction is very different from money reward. Their supports and acknowledgement make us feel that all the hard working efforts have been paid off. In response to it, we need to work harder to meet up people’s expectation. We need to work harder to repay for their supports for us.



Why De Louvre shoes?


Our shoe is so comfy. It feels like walking on air.


Perfect Shoe Fitting

Differences of a millimeter can make or break a shoe's comfort. As a result, we have been working hard to study and shape our shoe lasts. Our lasts are constantly updatedand hand-carved by an engineer and master pointe shoemaker, and then computer-graded for perfect sizing.We understand the importance of “PERFECT SHOE FITTING”.


The shape of the foot has changed and shifted over time. Yet, despite changes in people’s feet, most pointe shoemakers are still building their shoes based on old lasts made in the 30s, 40s, or 50s.


Advanced Materials for Cushion


We use special technology for the cushions inside our shoes. The cushion technology was firstly invented by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions in 1966. Since them, this type of cushion is widely used in medical and sport equipment.


De Louvre cushion is far more superior in its elasticity and durability…  unlike any other cushion materials which would be lost its softness over time and no longer bounces back when you press on it. Our cushion is constructed in an open-cell solid structure which matches pressure against it and yet it would always bounce back to its original shape immediately. 



Special Outsole 

De Louvre shoes are constructed with special outsoles to enhance softness and comfortableness of our shoes. De Louvre outsole can also effectively absorb vibrations and prevent slipperiness.


We are very excited to present “De Louvre shoes” to you. Just come and try our shoes. You will be surprised how comfortable it could be.