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Secrets of De Louvre Comfy shoes

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                      Secrets of De Louvre Comfortable shoes

Perfect Shape of our Shoe Last

It is never an easy job to design a comfortable shoe. The structure of a foot is extremely complicated as there are 26 bones, intricate webbing of muscles and ligaments in each foot. We understand THE IMPORTANCE of comfortableness and perfect match of a shoe to your feet. As a result, we have been working extremely hard to shape and design our shoe lasts. Our shoe lasts were designed and hand-carved by an engineer and master pointe shoemaker, and then computer-graded for perfect match to your feet.

Special Materials for Shoe Cushion

We use special material, called "Memory Foam" as cushions inside our shoes. The cushion technology was firstly invented by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions in 1966. Since then, "Memory Foam" was widely used in a lot of medical and sport equipment.


De Louvre cushion is far more superior in its elasticity and durability… unlike any other cushion materials. Our shoe cushion would remain bouncy and soft for a long time, even after one year. However, most of other cushion materials would be lost its softness over time and no longer bounces back after pressing it hard with your feet. 

The biggest secret of our comfy shoe is "Memory Foam". It is called "Memory Foam" because it has memory to bounce back to its original shape against strong forces. Why? It is because "Memory Foam" is constructed in an open-cell structure. Each cell contains air pressure within it. The cell would be bounced back against all kinds of pressures.

Special Out-sole

We use rubber materials for the out-sole of our shoes. Rubber is soft and effective in absorbing vibrations. As a result, it can further enhance the comfortableness of your feet. Rubber out-sole is also effective to prevent slipperiness during a rainy day or against any slippery surfaces. In addition, it is also interesting to know that rubber is natural and non-toxic, unlike other PU materials, which is widely used in many shoe products.

Why is our High-Heel shoe also comfortable?

There are 3 big reasons why our high-heel shoes are comfortable.

First is the shape of our shoe last. As a professional shoe maker, the shape of shoe last is extremely important. Differences of a millimeter in a shoe last can either enhance or destroy a shoe's comfort. For our high heel shoes in particular, the angle of our High Heel shoes is adjusted in a way so the body weight is distributed evenly over the foot arc. As a result, pressure on your front toe is minimised and your foot would no longer be slided forward to cause more damages. Bad shoes can result in toe blisters in short run — not to mention corns, bunions, hammer toes, and other foot problems in the long run.


The trick is to redistribute the whole body weight onto foot arc and minimise pressure against your front toe.

Second is position, strength and rigidity of the heel. In order to feel steady and balanced, "the heel of shoe must meet the ground directly under the center of the heel bone, which carries a woman's weight. To find the right spot, our last is designed by following the 'plumb line' from the bone to the ground." It's like finding the foot's center of gravity. The position of the heel is important. If heels are off the center, people would feel wobbly and unstable while walking with such bad shoes.

Thirdly, we use "Memory foam" as cushion inside our high-heel shoe, which is illustrated below. Memory cushion would effectively reduce your body weight against your feet. In addition, the position of our cushion would reduce the pressure against your front toes. It can shift your weight evenly to your foot arc instead of your front toes. Moreover, we use rubber material for the out-sole of our high heel shoes. Rubber out-sole would provide that extra softness and comforts for your feet. 

We are excited because we want to introduce the best shoe to you. Welcome to come and visit our store. Just come and try De Louvre shoes for yourself.

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