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ByEnrique Gaines

Major Benefits of Having Busy Light in Offices

Are you eager to learn the benefits of busy light? Well, you have come to the right place. We have all the information you are looking for regarding busy light. We would love to tell you that busy light will improve productivity like magic. When you have busy light in your office, you will find it easy to get some work done as you very few interruptions worry about. If dwindling productivity in office has been a major concern, then you can always turn to busy light to improve the situation for you. When you install busy light in the office, you will see less number of interruptions happening.


The device

  • If you wish to set up busylight for your business, then you can easily integrate Skype with busy light for the same.
  • When busy light is turned on, your colleagues will get a real time update on your status, whether you are available or not.
  • Busy light flashes different colors to show your status. One look at the busy light is enough to understand your status.

As a result, your colleagues will see when you are busy working on something. They will also see when you are busy. That is the best thing about a busy light. It looks like a small tower. You may fit this above your cubicle any other place. It is connected to your PC, laptop, tablet and phone. As we have already mentioned, it comes with colored lights. Status will be displayed with the help of these colored lights.

How does it work?

Now let’s find out how it works. You are busy working in your office, talking to an important client in the office. The busy light will flash red light so that everyone will come to know that you are busy doing something. They will keep away. When they see purple light, they will assume that it is a clear do not disturb signal. No one would dare to interrupt you. And they are allowed to interrupt you when busy light shows green color. We have already mentioned that color coding works like a traffic signal. Just like traffic signal, people will come to know about your availability status by having a look at the busy light status. It saves everyone’s time. You don’t have to tell anyone verbally or with your body language to let them know that you are busy. The busy light will do it for you. Once everyone in the office is familiar with the technology, they will get adjusted to it. And you will be quick notice that interruptions have come down sharply. You will see them sitting at their desks doing their assigned tasks. In short, productivity will be the winner in all these.

Avoiding interruptions

As we have already mentioned, this has to be the biggest advantage when it comes to busy light. When you have busy light installed, you will have all sorts of interruptions. As far as interruptions are concerned; it is not one way traffic. You interrupt your colleagues knowingly or unknowingly as much as your colleagues interrupt you. So, it is an epidemic. You need to find a solution so that everyone can improve their productivity in the office. Installing busy light is the best solution out there to deal with this problem.